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Meet me

Hi Guys, nice to meet you!

My name is Elena Bellavitis, and I am the founder of The Italian Pharmacy Cosmetics. As well as an Italian pharmacist!

My story started in 1991 in Bologna,Italy, my home city.

I am very curious and I really like going around, discovering and trying new things about the world. That’s why at the age of 19 I moved to Rome, the holy city, to attend my University Course and get that degree in pharmacy that today has taken me here.

After many days spent taking pictures at the coliseum, eating spaghetti alla amatriciana, and chilling in villa borghese with my friends, I have finished my master course and get my certification as a pharmacist.

During my university I had the opportunity to move to Spain, and I completely fell in love with this country. Everybody knows playa,paella and sangria, but there is much more!

So I have taken the flight and moved to the sunny city of Barcelona. I was working in a pharmacy in the city center, and it was a great experience.

Last but not the least, I enrolled in my master study, and I ended up living in the vibrant New York City, full of yellow cabs and flashing lights(and also cheaper ubers and real American pizza!). It was really amazing. The amount of people around this city every day was really shocking me!

March 2020: Covid-19, back to Italy, and a lot of work for professionals working in healthcare. But also confusion, time to understand ourselves, to create. During the pandemic I have opened my personal blog where I talk about health,skincare and wellness.

2022 I followed a course of 8 months to become a  Beauty Consultant with the certified Diploma. Most girls love cosmetics, me included. During this master we have seen all about skin health, cosmetics and a lot of actives you can find in all skincare products. I loved it, and I decided to create my own formulas.

And the Italian pharmacy is here!

October 2022: we launched our e commerce!

March-July 2023: we are on Vogue UK!

And now we crossed the border and ended up in the Big Apple!

That’s a little bit of my story, just a little honestly. But I am waiting to write down about the future!