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Blemishes and Pimples OMG!

Skin with Blemishes and pimples are pretty common! Especially when
we are stressed or close to our period!
In this case we have an overproduction of sebum, that can be caused by many issues.
Remember always that nutrition and good habits influence a lot the arise of imperfections!
Oily and acne prone skin needs a specific skincare routine.

Facial Cleanser: Our foaming cleanser is formulated with Collagen, Panthenol, and Allantoin.
Collagen has a plumping effect, while panthenol is soothing. In this way it cleanses the skin deeply, without drying it.
Perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Anti-imperfections serum: Serum to be applied day and night with important purifying qualities. This serum contains organic liquefied royal jelly. Perfect for impure and blemished skin, it regulates sebum production
and has a powerful antiseptic action.

Moisturizing and hydrating Cream: day and night cream based on collagen and natural carrot oil. Collagen is a protein present throughout the body, essential for replenishing the skin matrix and making it compact. This cream deeply moisturizes and leaves the skin soft.

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